Land Surveyor and Pricing Presentations

The FTC presented at the 4th annual seminar “A Matter of Land”, for Land Surveyors, trainees, and student surveyors. It was a two-part presentation: the first presentation was on the FTC’s March 2022 Report – “Competition Assessment of the Land Surveyors Act”; and the other was entitled “Pricing among Land Surveyors – A Competition Assessment”.

The FTC’s Report explored whether the Land Surveyors Act unduly restricted competition and evaluated its likely impact on competition.  The Report concluded that the legislative framework restricts entry and expansion into the market for land surveyor services and reduces the incentives of service providers to compete in a co-regulatory regime.  The FTC made several recommendations to the Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation (MEGJC) geared at strengthening competition in the market.

The second presentation explored several topics concerning the basics of competition law, the role of the FTC in pricing, the negative effects of price fixing, and best practices regarding the role of trade associations.

Presentation – Competition Assessment – Land Surveyors Act – Final

Presentation – Pricing and Competition