The Fair Competition Act (FCA) was promulgated in 1993 to ensure that the benefits of the competition process in Jamaica are unhindered by anti-competitive activity. The objectives of the Act are to:

  • Encourage competition in the conduct of trade and business in Jamaica;
  • Ensure that all legitimate business enterprises have an equal opportunity to participate in the Jamaican economy;
  • Provide consumers with better products and services, a wide range of choices at the best possible prices.

To achieve these objectives, the FCA contains two broad categories of prohibitions – those dealing with anti-competitive behaviour and those dealing with consumer protection. With regard to anti-competitive behaviour, the Act prohibits agreements that substantially lessen competition and the abuse of a dominant position. Specific anti-competitive practices that are prohibited under the Act are resale price maintenance, tied selling, price fixing, collusion and cartels and bid rigging.

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