Study on the Nursing Home Sector in Jamaica

In November 2021, the FTC completed its study on the nursing homes sector. The study examined issues that may affect the efficient functioning of the sector and focused specifically on the availability of information on nursing homes, access to terms and services, and access to making complaints. Nursing homes provide services for the vulnerable segment of the population and therefore a well- functioning sector would allow for (i) informed decision making on the part of consumers; and (ii) competitive pressure on providers thereby improving the quality of service available and increasing choices of registered nursing homes in Jamaica.

The FTC concluded that it is difficult for individuals to obtain relevant information to assess the desirability of a given nursing home. Additionally, the lack of adequate resources to monitor nursing homes have implications for the efficient functioning of the sector.

To improve the functioning of the nursing homes sector, the FTC recommends that: (i) The MoHW provide adequate resources to the Institutions and Facilities Unit to carry out its functions; (ii) Information regarding complaints procedure and redress system should be more readily available to the public; and (iii) It should be mandatory for nursing homes to provide certain information to the public.

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FTC Study on the Nursing Home Sector in Jamaica

FTC Guidelines for Selecting a Nursing Home