FTC Presents at ICN Annual Conference 2023

The FTC’s General Manager, Ms. Ann-Marie Grant, participated in the annual ICN Conference, held in Barcelona, Spain, on October 18 to 20.  Ms. Grant made presentations in two sessions.  Firstly, in the session on measuring the effectiveness of competition authorities’ activities, Ms. Grant gave an overview of the JFTC’s involvement in competition advocacy and discussed the type of interventions for ex-ante assessments: “spontaneous” vs agency-planned.  She described strategies for undertaking those assessments: human resources mobilization, data collection, stakeholder engagement, prioritization; and ended with a discussion on Data-on-Demand strategies.  That is, anticipating market studies, building relationships, and signing MOUs with organizations that collect data on key sectors.

This session was of benefit to the FTC’s work with respect to the impact assessment of proposed and implemented recommendations by the FTC to promote competition in the market studied.

In her presentation on the implementation of ICN Work Product, she described the FTC’s experience in using the Market Studies Handbook and Recommended Practices for Merger Analyses and the Recommended Practices for Merger Notification and Review Procedures.  For each Work Product, she zoomed in on the FTC’s stakeholder engagement strategy and the creation of an appropriate pre-merger notification framework for Jamaica.

FTC Presentation AEWG BOS2 – October 19, 2023