Promoting Competition and Deterring Collusion in Public Procurement Presentation

In its commitment to promote competition and competitive markets, the Fair Trading Commission on July 21 and August 18 participated in the Public Procurement Summer Training Series 2023 by way of a presentation entitled, “Promoting Competition and Deterring Collusion in Public Procurement”, and delivered by Mr. Desroy Reid, Competition Analyst at the Fair Trading Commission.  The training series was hosted by the Office of Public Procurement of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.  The attendance for both training sessions was 182 procurement officers and practitioners from several Government bodies.  The presentation provided an insight into critical areas such as the distinction between supplier collusion and corruption, types of collusive tendering, and proactive strategies to spot collusive tendering.

Understanding Collusion vs. Corruption:

One of the core themes explored within the training series is the distinction between collusion and corruption. While corruption pertains to the misuse of power or influence for personal gain, collusion refers to secret agreements among competitors to undermine competition. By distinguishing between these concepts, procurement professionals can better identify and address issues that compromise the integrity of public procurement processes.

Unraveling the Harmful Effects of Collusive Tendering:

The training series delved into the severe repercussions of collusive tendering on the economy, society, and public trust. Collusion artificially inflates prices, depriving governments of value for public funds and impeding economic growth. Moreover, it diminishes opportunities for small businesses and stifles innovation. These discussions highlight the urgency of eradicating collusive practices from public procurement.

Spotting Red Flags: Vigilance in Collusive Tendering Detection:

Participants were provided practical tools to detect signs of collusive tendering, as well as case studies to identify patterns and signals that may indicate the presence of collusive behaviour. Armed with these insights, procurement entities can implement proactive measures to prevent and address collusive practices.

Charting the Course for Fair and Competitive Procurement:

Participants were immersed in a dynamic learning environment where collaboration and knowledge exchange flourished. This event emphasizes the pivotal role of informed professionals in ensuring transparency, integrity, and fair competition in public procurement.

The Office of Public Procurement Policy’s efforts through the Public Procurement Summer Training Series 2023 resonates deeply with the mission to promote competition and deter collusion. By addressing topics such as collusion vs. corruption, the harmful effects of collusive tendering, the application of competition law, and the identification of red flags, this event paves the way for a future where public procurement is marked, increased competition, and optimal value for public funds.

As participants engage in insightful discussions, share experiences, and equip themselves with valuable tools, the training series reinforces the foundations of accountable governance and strengthens the fabric of public trust. The strides taken through this event stand as a testament to the FTC’s dedication to upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and competition in the realm of public procurement.