Mobile Phone Telephone Service

The public is being advised that NOT ALL mobile telephones available on the market are compatible with the Cable & Wireless Jamaica (C&WJ) TDMA Communications Network or with the Digicel GSM Network. Mobile telephones which are not distributed by C&WJ are unlikely to afford access to C&WJ mobile network; and similarly, only phase II GSM telephones, which are capable of receiving GSM signals in the GSM 900 band are able to facilitate access to the Digicel GSM network. GSM telephones with 1900 handsets are not compatible with the Digicel network. There are however, tri-band telephones available on the market, which will work with GSM 900 as well as GSM 1900 bands.

It is to be noted that by way of advisory published in the Gleaner of Sunday 1st April, 2001, C&WJ has indicated its willingness to re-set such handsets as are incompatible with its network, to make them compliant.

TDMA-IS 136 telephones are compatible with C&WJ mobile network PROVIDED the settings on said telephones have not been altered to comply with the technical requirements of another mobile network.