FTC launches investigation into LIME’s ‘Digi-Switch’ Promotion

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) has launched an investigation into LIME’s ‘Digi-Switch’ promotion, after receiving several complaints regarding a change to the promotional offer. The promotion, when launched allowed for persons to receive for free 1000 minutes per month over a three-month period to call any LIME mobile and LIME landline numbers.

Several consumers, who have taken up the promotional offer, complained to the FTC alleging that LIME has adjusted the promotion by restricting the free minutes to be used for calls to LIME mobile numbers only. This means that subscribers who had signed up for the original offer would be required to pay for calls to LIME landlines numbers, even though they would not have exhausted their free minutes.

The complaints raise issues that could constitute the offence of Misleading Advertising in breach of section 37 of the Fair Competition Act (FCA).

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