Consent Order in the Bent/Spear Entertainment Ltd. matter

Based on the terms of a Consent Order endorsed by the Supreme Court of Jamaica on November 19, 2008, Bent/Speare Entertainment Limited has agreed to pay the FTC’s costs and to issue a Public Apology in the Daily Gleaner newspaper within sixty days of the date of the Order. The Consent Order was based on the terms of a Consent Agreement arrived at between the FTC and Bent/Speare.

Attorney-at-Law Miss Wendy M. Duncan represented the FTC while Miss Avrine Bernard of Brady & Company, represented Bent/Speare. The matter arose in December 2006 when the FTC investigated two complaints against Bent/Speare. The allegations were that during December 2006, Bent/Speare scheduled a concert titled ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ for December 22, 2006 at the Constant Spring Football Field and advertised that pre-sold ‘VIP tickets’ were being sold for $3,000. In fact, the VIP tickets were being sold for $3,500.

Following its investigations, the FTC issued a directive that Bent/Speare sell pre-sold tickets at the price advertised. Bent/Speare complied with the directive. Recognising that harm had been done, however, the FTC filed suit in the Supreme Court pursuant to section 37 ofthe Fair Competition Act. The matter was settled with the Consent Order.