Beware of ‘Whole Wheat’ Bread

It has come to the attention of the Staff of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) that a number of bakeries have labeled their products as ‘Whole Wheat’ although their major component is not whole wheat. In some instances although the packaging is boldly labeled ‘Whole Wheat,’ a careful look at the fine print, reveals that the major ingredients range from baking flour and enriched flour, to white flour.

The FTC is concerned that this misleading practice could pose a major health risk to some members of the public such as diabetics who assume that the labeling is accurate. We implore members of the public to read all labels very carefully. Examine the fine print and make sure that what you see is what you get! Failure to do so could affect your health. Your health is your responsibility. Make sure that you obtain accurate and material information. Keep your eyes open! Be vigilant! Be aware! Beware!

Bakeries which carry out this practice are being enjoined to curtail it immediately. The FTC will be conducting an investigation into these practices pursuant to section 37 of the Fair Competition Act and will ensure that offenders are duly dealt with under the law. Individuals found guilty can be fined up to $1 million and enterprises up to $5 million for each breach.

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