An overview of the Subscription Packages of Jamaica’s Two Largest Providers

Improvements in technology have propelled the subscriber TV (cable TV) market to new heights. Competition has intensified and the hope is that consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this. The introduction of a fibre-optic cable network to Jamaica has caused increases in broadband Internet speeds, compatibility of HD pictures and an overall enhanced surfing and viewing experience. With increased Internet speeds there is also the alternative of watching movies, listening to music etc through online streaming.   One of the improvements in technology is that of streaming which is now seen by cable TV providers as a threat to the industry.

While technology has caused significant developments in the cable TV industry in Jamaica, telecommunication providers have also been forced to make other changes that were not technology induced. Noticeably, there have been changes to cable TV packages due to copyright infringements. Channels previously enjoyed by consumers were shown without the correct authorization being granted by the content owners. This development has caused providers to reshuffle their offerings and invariably consumers lost some channels and also had changes to the price they paid for existing packages.

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