Mrs. Suzanne Ffolkes-Goldson

Mrs. Suzanne Ffolkes-Goldson is an Attorney at Law, Senior Lecturer and former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at the UWI, Mona Campus. She specializes in Corporate Governance, Economic Crime, Company/Corporate Law, and Corporate Management.

Mrs. Ffolkes Goldson has a degree in Economics from York University, Canada, an LLB from the University of the West Indies, and a BCL (Graduate Studies) from Oxford University, UK. She is called to the Bar in Jamaica and Barbados.

Mrs. Ffolkes Goldson has been an advisor to the CARICOM Committee on The Reform of Company Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean and The Joint Select Committee of Parliament on the Jamaica Companies Act 2004. Mrs. Goldson was a member of the Corporate Governance Committee, of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, for over 15 years, responsible for the drafting and dissemination of corporate governance principles for Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean, and more recently chaired the committee for the revised PSOJ Corporate Governance Code 2016. She is certified under the Global Corporate Governance Forum/World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Caribbean Training of Trainers Programme in Corporate Governance Board Leadership. Mrs. Ffolkes-Goldson has done extensive corporate governance training for public and private sector bodies, and board evaluations for a wide range of companies.

Mrs. Ffolkes-Goldson has presented extensive research on Company/Corporate law, Corporate Governance, Corporate Insolvency and Corporate Social Responsibility at numerous seminars, workshops and conferences, locally, regionally and internationally, and has published a number of articles in regional and international journals on these subjects. Her book, “Commonwealth Caribbean Corporate Governance” explores the development of the law and codes in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Commonwealth Caribbean region, and provides a guide for legal practitioners, corporate executives and students of business, corporate law and corporate management. Her recently published book “Corporate Business Principles: A Guide to the Jamaica Companies Act” breaks down the legislation and provides an accessible guide to Incorporation, Corporate Finance, Corporate Management, Complainants’ Remedies and Winding Up.